Merry Christmas

A Christmas Excerpt from Fix it for Us, the 2nd book in the Better Than Series.
Christmas…One year later
“Hey, whose genius idea was this? Because, I would like to thank them.” I say jokingly to Davis. It’s Christmas morning, almost two years after we fell in love, 14 months since we got married. We are cuddled in bed, warm, snug and safe. The world outside our condo is covered in snow, sending memories from our first days ‘together,’ flooding back to me. It’s really quiet outside and in the condo.
Davis laughs, his amazing, warm laugh. I peek up at him from my position cuddled against his bare chest. “You mean about spending Christmas morning alone, with no parents? Uh, that…would be … this guy.” He points to himself with an elaborate and self-congratulatory flourish.
“Bragger.” I tease. “I mean, Thank you, Genius Boy.”
“Boy, I see no boy here. Man…Genius Man” Davis pounds his chest with his fist in a mock macho move.
“Okay, Genius Man,” I concede. “What do you want to do first, eat breakfast or open presents?”
With one swooping movement, Davis pulls the duvet and blankets up over us and slides me down and under him. Now his head is nestled on my chest. Right between my breasts, actually. He takes a huge inhalation and then growls out, “Open presents. I’m already holding mine. It smells so good. I’ve unwrapped it before, but it’s always a surprise.” Ever since my gift of a birthday lap dance, anything involving gifts for Davis is about unwrapping me.
Attempting to be serious, which is difficult when Davis is being naughty, I tell him, “Well, I have another present for you, but I’d have to get out of bed to get it.”
“Forget it, then. I’ll open it later,” he says. Davis has moved on to his task at hand-undressing me.
I want to talk to him before I give him his real present. I’m a little apprehensive. I don’t know if he’ll like it, so I start to chatter, “Davis, you know you are really hard to shop for, right? I don’t really know if you’ll like it, my present.” Here goes. “I was wondering, did Charlie tell you what he got Jules? Because he told me. And…and…well, I thought it might be something you would like.” Davis stops kissing my shoulders. His hand releases the grasp it has on my breast and his thumb, in mid-stroke, jumps off my nipple.
Davis speaks slowly from under the duvet. I can feel his words and breath on my skin and it feels so arousing. “Yeah. I know what Charlie got Jules.” Davis flips the duvet up, slides off me a bit and props himself up on an elbow to look at me questioningly. “He got her pregnant.”
I nod my head affirmatively.
“And you were wondering… if I would like…. something… like… ? Davis, cool, collected Davis is visibly flustered. “Lizard, are you pregnant?
I shake my head negatively. Then I, quickly, roll away from Davis to the edge of the bed, reach under, come back up and roll over to him with a square gift wrapped box in my hand. I didn’t look to see if he looked happy or disappointed when I said I wasn’t pregnant. I hand the box to him and say, “Open it.”
Davis takes the box and starts unwrapping, “Man, I am so confused right now.”
“It will all make sense in a minute.” I assure him.
Ever the ‘Ripper’ when it comes to gifts, Davis has the present open in nanoseconds. He lifts the lid and pulls out a plastic oval that looks like a compact. It’s not a compact. It’s a birth control pill pack. He tilts his head and asks, “What’s this?” Then opening up the pill pack, a flash of understanding sweeps across his face. He looks up at me and speaks slowly, each sentence is a statement and a question. “You’re not pregnant…but your pills are all gone…” He holds up the pill pack to show me what I already know-it’s empty. “So…you’d like to try???”
“Yes.” I reply confidently. Then I back pedal a bit, because I’m uncertain of how Davis will respond. I’m hoping he likes the idea. I fire off rapidly, “Only if you would. I mean we’ve never really talked about this, and I don’t even know if you like kids, I like kids, I mean I think I like kids, I don’t know, I didn’t have any brothers and sisters, only like cousins, you know, but I think you’d be a great dad and I love you so much and…” God, I wish he would say something, because this is starting to make me feel panicky.
“LIZARD!” Davis raises his voice, but it’s not angry, it’s just to get my attention. “My god, that was the sexiest little chatter…Baby, I would love to try. I think getting you pregnant is the best gift you could have thought of.” He encircles me and pulls me over, so I am halfway on top of him. I can feel his excitement against my lower abdomen, so I have confirmation that my gift was a good one. “Plus it might take a while…so it’s sort of an ongoing gift.”
And then I see it.
Davis’ smile.
It’s huge and symmetrical. It’s not broken anymore.
I tell him. “Baby, your smiling…”
He replies, nonchalantly, “Yeah, I’m smiling, the whole trying to get pregnant thing? It’s a really good present.”
“No, no, no … I mean… yes, it is a good present. But you are really smiling, like both sides. Your smile isn’t broken anymore.” I enthusiastically explain.
Davis says, “Really?” jumps out of bed and runs to the bathroom to look in the mirror. “It’s really back. That’s so weird.” Davis is gone for a few moments, but then he comes out to the doorway of the bathroom, leans against the door jamb and crosses his bare feet at the ankles. He’s wearing nothing but his new and improved smile and his red Christmas boxers with candy canes on them. Davis flashes the biggest, sexiest, naughtiest smile I have ever seen and asks, “Baby, this has been a great morning and I think the only thing that would make it better is if I could continue with my presents.” The way he says the word ‘presents’ makes me want to rip his boxers off.
I flip back the covers and say, “Come on.”
Davis runs and dives under the covers, returning to his previous spot, nuzzled against my breasts. I thread my fingers through his hair and kiss the top of head, clutching him to me. Davis wastes no time unwrapping me, just like a real gift, ripping and tearing at my tank top and boyshorts. His hands moving over my body, gliding, grasping, kneading and his tongue working my nipples to painful points, has me overwhelmed. While he is claiming me, I manage to wiggle him out of his boxers, which I feel him kick off his feet to the end of the bed. I tilt my pelvis up to feel his hardness and slide my slickened neediness against it. Over and over. I want him, so badly. Davis rears back a bit, removing himself from between my legs. With little warning, his tongue goes to work, stroking and licking my clit with precision. Circling and circling, causing my hips to circle in kind. The intense tingling vibration builds and descends, builds and descends with each circle and pause. So close, so very close and then it is upon me, like a thousand pounding, vibrating, massaging electrified pulses. I shudder, as Davis continues and I roll into another orgasm. Davis tongue retreats and I pant out ragged breaths. My head relaxes from its extended position and my eyes open to see Davis’ face crawling up toward me. I reach blindly and pull him closer-into me. A look of peace passes over his face. We are both not moving, but I can feel myself spasming lightly around his erection. Davis thrusts gently a few times and then builds to a delicious rhythm. I let go again and when I do, Davis, his big beautiful smile lighting up his face, moans out my name and does too.
“Best. Present. Ever.” I pant.
Davis laughs, a large hearty laugh, “I agree. Gift unwrapping and babymaking. Good job, Lizard baby.”
“Well, yes, that too.” I concede. “But I meant your smile. During it. Your Smile.
BEST. PRESENT. EVER.” And it is. Davis. Unbroken.

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